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September 9, 2018 Rack

Vent On the Door Shoe Rack

Door shoe rack, Here is how it looks like a new shoe rack hanging on the door (very easy). It works well, but not all the shoes put on the shelf because some have and some higher killklac (booties). So should try to rearrange the furniture and see what’s working shoes on the shelf.

I would even go to Pappy to go and take the rest of my stuff today I think. He exhausted all my stuff in one of the hallways around, which I can understand. Have a large moving box with eggs and then a shoe box and even more heel shoes. Oh God, how this goes. For shoes on the door shoe rack this time away from all that I am here in my home.

This also I clicked back from ells, it is cheap but a little tricky and assembles. Boyfriend should take care of the project. It is also convenient if you have too many shoes and want to be able to stack them in one place, and will not fit in the hall! It is not so super stylish, but I intend to have a door shoe rack over until I find something better, Will see how I was doing.

Can you imagine how our house could be if no shoe rack inside? Maybe disorganized, or in a mess. That is reasonable, our shoes can be straggled anywhere, it is not neat, dirty and low value of self care. We do not want that perception to us. We can see how wonderful it is. Innocent kids can not be blamed for their nasty, they just a little kids. So with shoes case. In order to the base concept, we should put our shoes in right place, it will be good activity.

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Will be the right decision for our home improvement.

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