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Remodeling and Aging of White Bathroom Vanities

Antique furniture never goes out of fashion for white bathroom vanities, but often come with an expensive price tag. An alternative to buying expensive antique furniture is to take a new one and make it look old and rustic.


  1. Get doorknobs, handles and other tools toilet. Take the counter and sink to prevent damage.
  2. Hits toilet with a light chain to create minor dents and randomly throughout the unit.
  3. Lima layers of paint in areas where natural wear would occur, as the drawers and doors.
  4. Cava nails into the wood to look like worn holes. These holes are usually close, so keep that in mind as you do.
  5. Mancha furniture to create an antique look. Use an old brush and dip it lightly into the dye. Press the brush against the white bathroom vanities and with long strokes, applying stains.
  6. Applying a layer of polyurethane to seal the finish. You can use a spray sealer or one that is applied with a brush. If you opt for brush application of white bathroom vanities, try using a new and clean brush before you start.
  7. One new tools or used to have a damaged or worn look. You can use parts of old cabinets or purchase made tools with an antique look.
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Look at the pictures below, we can see how nice it is. We like enjoy and deserving this furniture for our home inspiration. Many models we can choose, starting from minimalist modern until classic and rustic. No matter what your choice, every vanities make our bathroom nice and awesome. High recommend to you. As the best place in this world, and we live inside it, our home should be taken care well. This remodeling for bathroom can be one part of home improvement, at finally, we can happy and pleased for our new home.

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