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July 27, 2018 Desk

White Loft Bed with Desk for Youth

White loft bed with desk is the interesting part you should have in your own bedroom that will interestingly style your bedroom into the more fascinating look. In a smaller room size sometimes we have no choice but to put the study table in the same hollow bed. Among the various solutions that exist to maximize space in this way, put the bed above and below the table, has the advantage that the table is larger than the folding systems (eg : folding bed with study table) and has a lower price, which makes it a good option to consider. This is a good example of youth bedroom with excellent use of space and functionality of each piece.

White loft bed with desk, the table has a board of six feet long by 61 Cm. background that serves as study area, auxiliary shelf and as a step to access the bed. The drawers of “Lur” series with recessed drawer has wheels to move it. Above the tabletop, a bench bookcase shelf serves as duplex and also serves as a stepping stone.

Access to the white loft bed with desk is facilitated by the metal on one side and the extension of the ladder to the other handle. The run quitamiedos ensures security and which is open underneath facilitates making the bed. On the wall is formed a rack with two shelves rear wall with enough weight to resist a book with lifting door.

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