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August 9, 2018 Home Ideas

Wingback Bed Design Idea

Wingback bed padding sine € ™ t only reserved for chairs. The ears form of headboards is also used, And looks ranging from modern to baroque. Once, to protect against drafts used inmates upholstered wing create a cozy, protective effect – ideal for a bed.

Shapes and styles of wingback bed

Wingback bed head styles are as different as those of wing chairs. They come in different heights and with straight or curved back. Wing shapes include straight, flared or bent. Some pieces have exaggerated wing shaped and segmented as small versions of butterfly wings. Many ears headboards fasten metal bed frame. Others come with matching frames with upholstered rails wrap around the foot of the bed.

Wingback bed Covers

The fabric, leather or vinyl used an ear head cushions as a cover. Fabric versions ranging from delicate silk or satin to sturdy tweed or men suit material. The former is best used with formal or glamorous decorating styles, such as the Hollywood Regency style. The latter works for contemporary, traditional or very masculine style. Other options of wingback bed include cotton, linen, velvet, wool and blends in the same row of solids, textures and prints that you would use for any upholstered seat.
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