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February 20, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Wonderful Decoration Vintage Floor Lamps

Hello friends! In space today are some ideas to decorate your vintage floor lamps. If you have a light and you realize you’re tired of it, today we are some great tips so you can renew it and not have to throw it away. A lamp can always be recycled, but today we will give you a longer life simply by changing its appearance a bit.

Note the decorative techniques we have at your fingertips, techniques such as decoupage, paint, vinyl, embroidery threads, and fabrics for lining your vintage floor lamps, Also have painted all colors. With any of these techniques or a great combination of some of them we can decorate our lamp, transforming it into something very different.

Think if you want to change the base of vintage floor lamps, the tulip or both. The foot has to take into account what material it is constructed. Thus we can apply a suitable paint for the material… You can choose the color you like and combine with the rest of the decor. You can paint it any color or colors and shades. You can also add a personal design, a drawing.

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