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October 4, 2018 Home Designs

Wooden Shelf Brackets Home Depot

Wooden shelf brackets – Creating the shelf is one of the first projects that rookie Carpenter completed successfully. After dominating the cutting upright and simple wood, beginners can produce lasting and functional rack that can be displayed with pride and used indefinitely.

Wooden shelf brackets are triangular, with the right angle (90 degrees). The wall surface and the platform surface to form a right angle. Hypotenuse of the triangle (line opposite the right angle) formed by the front surface of the decorative support. Using a jig saws and routers, you can convert a wooden board in a decorative shelf bracket. Layout options are limited only by your imagination.

To create wooden shelf brackets specify the size of the support, based on the elements and how much weight will be supported by the platform. Assembled and installed properly, 1 inch table values ​​have a surprising amount of weight. 2-inch thick boards can be used, but for most home shelves, is excessive. Brackets are usually shorter than the shelves they support, so the 8-inch wide platform can easily be supported by a stand with shelves and wall surfaces 7 inches. Manufacture of decorative wood shelf brackets. Draw your pattern, full size on the poster. The angle between the surface of the platform and the wall surface must be exactly 90 degrees.

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